Tyres to suit every budget

Looking around for a better deal for new tyres? Then look no further than Jazz Tyres. At Jazz tyres we understand our customers’ needs and ensure we always have a wide range of tyre stock available to suit every budget.  

CHOOSE from our extensive range of PART WORN, RE-TREADS and BRAND NEW TYRES


 'Part worn' tyres are those which have been used previously. 90% of the stock is sourced from abroad where they have different laws of tread and when to change their tyres. We generally sell 4mm+ of tread depth. The legal requirement is 1.6mm. Brand new tyres come approximately with 8mm tread depth.

'Re-tread' tyres are a new generation environmentally friendly alternative to new tyres. They have to have the same safety standards as new tyres but are old tyres that have been recycled and placed back into a new tyre mould. Re-treads not only make a cheaper alternative to new tyres, but make big enviromental sense.

Below is a sample price list        


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All prices are inclusive of VAT @ 20%